Trump makes one last effort to cut Social Security, maximize hurt to the disabled

In the middle of the Trump pandemic, in which untold millions of people who survive the disease could end up disabled for life, the Trump administration announced Friday that it’s finalizing rules meant to do nothing but make it harder for disabled people to receive Social Security, and to endanger the Social Security benefits of disabled people who are already approved. In the first regulation, it’s changing the appeals process by replacing impartial, independent administrative law judges (ALJs) with internal agency lawyers, making it much more difficult for people to navigate the process.

They have also sent their proposal that will dramatically increase “continuing disability reviews” (the process during which those receiving disability must prove they’re still disabled) to the Office of Management and Budget for approval as a final rule. The administration admitted it is about dropping people out of the program, “saving” $2.6 billion. It would mean earlier and more frequent reviews for people on disability, likely older people who are physically unable to continue their work. This is simply, in the words of Sen. Ron Wyden, “harassment of people with disabilities” that puts Americans at “greater risk of falling through the cracks.”

Daily Kos Trump makes one last effort to cut Social Security, maximize hurt to the disabled