Green Hydrogen Scheme Sprouts In Scotland, With Flow Battery

The the so-named Interreg NWE ITEG project launched in 2018 with the ultimate goal of integrating tidal power and green hydrogen into Europe’s North West region. The idea is to demonstrate feasibility to investors who would otherwise be reluctant to stake the big bucks on unproven technology.

A flow battery stores energy in the form of two specialized liquids kept in separate tanks. When electricity is needed, the two liquids are made to flow next to each other, separated only by a thin membrane (or possibly no membrane at all).

To cite just a few recent developments on the wind front, the US launched a new offshore wind R&D collaboration with The Netherlands, renewables-rich Australia is hot on the trail of sustainable H2, and leading global firms like wind-happy Ørsted and BP are not waiting around for data from the ITEG project to make the case for renewable H2 on a commercial scale.

cleantechnica Green Hydrogen Scheme Sprouts In Scotland, With Flow Battery