The Red Nation Statement on the US Elections 2020

Quakers, social justice and revolution

It’s been a stressful year as we’ve experienced the explosion of the COVID-19 pandemic. The consequences of which have provided further evidence of the failure of capitalist economic systems in a dramatic way.

Recent years been stressful as politics and policing at all levels have become increasingly violent, oppressive and moving toward austerity at the same time as the continued transfer of massive wealth to those already wealthy.

The Red Nation Statement on the US Elections 2020 articulates much of what I have been praying and thinking about, and learning.

The recent US election highlights the widespread disgust of the type of in-your-face white supremacy exemplified by Donald Trump. The large voter turnout, especially among Black and Indigenous working poor showed that large sections of the population reject his politics.  But it also underscores the extensive support for those very same politics from a significant share of the population. Trumpism…

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