Trump-allied House Republican is now openly calling for the end of U.S. democracy

exas Rep. Louie Gohmert has made quite a name for himself around these parts and others. Now the House Republican is jumping with both feet into suggesting that, well, maybe if Donald Trump didn’t win the election maybe it’s time for his Republican voters to rise up and end American democracy, period.

As reported by the Dallas Morning News, Gohmert claimed to a “Million MAGA March” audience near the White House that “this was a cheated election and we can’t let it stand.” He spoke of the American revolution and the Egyptian uprising: “They rose up though all over Egypt, and as a result of the people rising up in the greatest numbers in history,” he said, and “if they can do that there, think of what we can do here.”

And in perhaps what passed for an acknowledgement that an armed coup by red hat-wearing bozos would be, ahem, unpopular with the general public, Gohmert was quick to point out that “only about 30%” of American colonists supported that previous revolution. You don’t need a majority in these matters, after all. You just need enough ammunition.

So anyway, that’s where we’re at now: House Republicans advocating for the overthrow of the United States government based on conspiracy fictions they saw on fringe websites.

Again, it is difficult to take fascism seriously when it arrives in a clown car, and there is nobody in Washington that screams “clown car” more than Louie Freaking Gohmert, a man who could not beat a Texas fencepost in an essay competition if you spotted him 20 words and sharpened his pencils for him so he wouldn’t hurt himself. But the message to the “MAGA” base was real: If you don’t like the election results, take to the streets and nullify them. If the votes no longer go your way, declare the votes fraudulent and carry on without them.

Daily Kos Trump-allied House Republican is now openly calling for the end of U.S. democracy