When do states certify their election results? – CBS News

The Trump campaign has filed lawsuits to try to stop some states won by Joe Biden from certifying their elections, including Pennsylvania and Michigan, alleging that voter fraud has occurred. But the campaign’s efforts on this front have so far been unsuccessful — courts have denied the campaign’s attempts to stop the vote count in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Nevada.

On election night, the results reported are unofficial and must undergo canvassing — that is, ensuring that all the valid votes have been counted. Each state utilizes its own processes to double-check vote totals and make sure that each vote was properly counted. Then, the states certify the votes, which makes those results official; each state also has its own deadline to certify the results. Certification is typically done by a state’s governor, chief election official or board of canvassers. 

The states must formally certify their election results before December 14, when the Electoral College members meet in their respective states to cast their votes for president. Under federal law, if states meet the “safe harbor” deadline of December 8 to resolve any election disputes within the state and certify their results, Congress is guaranteed to accept them. Only California plans to certify its results past the safe harbor date this year. 

When do states certify their election results? – CBS News