Mail Voting Fraud ‘Whistleblower’ Admits Project Veritas Wrote His Affidavit

Richard Hopkins, the Erie postal worker who accused his supervisors of tampering with ballots in a sworn affidavit—then recanted, then recanted his recantation—admitted to Postal Service investigators that the right-wing disinformation group Project Veritas wrote the sworn affidavit he signed, which was then provided to the Trump campaign.

Hopkins had previously claimed that he heard supervisors talking about illegally “backdating” mail-in ballots to November 3 so they would be accepted and counted. The Erie postmaster denied that in a Facebook post over the weekend. In the recording of the Monday meeting, investigators asked Hopkins if he stood by his claims that supervisors were backdating ballots.

“At this point?” he asked. “No.”

VICE Mail Voting Fraud ‘Whistleblower’ Admits Project Veritas Wrote His Affidavit