Trump will forever be known as a loser – Arkansas Times

It will soon become apparent to nearly everyone but Trump and the narrow xenophobic and racist cult in his following that the old pussy grabber’s defeat had nothing to do with fraud by Democrats, socialists or child molesters but with the recognition by most Americans that he was, as Sen. Lindsey Graham once put it, “unfit to be president.” In his first three years and 10 months on the job, never once did the Gallup Poll show that even half of Americans approved of the job he was doing.

A loser in school, the military draft, marriage, business and most of his initiatives as president, Donald Trump is now and forever a Loser.

Declaring war, capitulating and then declaring victory worked every time for Trump, at least with his base, but that is over. As he often said about his opponents, reporters, former aides and Cabinet members, generals, prisoners of war and dead soldiers — perhaps prophetically, in hindsight — no one can love a loser.

He will need all his Supreme Court justices and appellate judges to also avoid civil penalties. A bunch of his female victims are still coming after him, Paula Corbin Jones-style. They have DNA. His years of business corruption and tax avoidance, already exposed by family members and accounting sources, will before long finally be in the hands of prosecutors.

Trump will forever be known as a loser – Arkansas Times