Cruel Fur Factories closing due to Covid with 100% massacres

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Fur Industry Faces Uncertain Future Due to Covid.

Fur industry faces uncertain future due to Covid

By Adrienne Murray
Business reporter, Copenhagen

Europe’s fur industry is back in the spotlight after Denmark’s mass culling of millions of mink following an outbreak of coronavirus at farms in the country.

This is an opportunity to ban these cruel and immoral capitalist factory farms. Though perhaps not to be shocked by the massive slaughter, as of course they were going to kill them all anyway! The bottom line is that when we keep animals they should have a good life, defined by a welfare study of their needs and instincts.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced that all mink would be slaughtered. Denmark is the world’s biggest mink producer, farming up to 17 million of the animals, and Covid has swept through a quarter of its 1,000 mink farms.

Officials say…

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