Black Swans On Black Friday | Zero Hedge

Do you buy the futile, panicked assertion by governments and central bankers that more stimulus is essential to avoid the collapse? Or do you acknowledge the reality that the fragile global economy has already collapsed and that all the current “emergency” measures, like central bank support and debt-moratoria, are there just to mask the collapse?

It is plain that the central bank-run economic governance model has reached the end of its lifespan. We desperately need a more open and free economy and less intervention and continuous “rescues”. This path will not be easy, but the current end-point, global economic dystopia, courtesy of global central banks, is much worse.

More than anything, we need true political leadership—the statesmanship, courage, and wisdom to see through the scare-mongering and distorted economic information.  We must confront dominant elitist economic shibboleths relentlessly to move past what is first and foremost an intellectual dead-end.

Black Swans On Black Friday | Zero Hedge