From Biden’s Sanity to DDT’s Crazy | Nel’s New Day

In Georgia, a judge said the case to eliminate votes had “precious little proof” but blocked three counties from making changes to their voting machines. QAnon conspiracy theory lawyer Sidney Powell wanted all voting machines in the state impounded. Instead, she can have “a quick inspection” of Dominion machines in the three counties based on her belief that Venezuelan Hugo Chavez set up the fraud before he died seven years ago. Yesterday, Powell retweeted a message calling on DDT to declare an insurrection, prevent the Electoral College from convening in each state on December 14, and use “military tribunals” to investigate alleged election fraud. Biden’s lawyers and the six electoral college representatives inspected the voting process in a Nevada county to prepare for a hearing on Thursday. Nevada has already certified the state’s six electoral votes.

AG Bill Barr, willing to do anything DDT wanted for years, now says he finds no election fraud to change the election outcome. He indicated both the FBI and DOJ had investigated claims and attacked one by Powell about programmed voting machines to give DDT’s votes to DDT. The message is a 180-degree turn from Barr’s statements before the election when he frequently warned of fraud from mail-in ballots and reversed DOJ policy to authorize investigation of “vote tabulation irregularities” before votes are certified. GOP senators support Barr’s statements; for example, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) said, “I trust [Barr].” They also don’t openly disagree with DDT’s ranting about election fraud. 

DDT is already angry with Barr because his guy, John Durham, didn’t discredit DDT’s political opponents and Barr wasn’t supporting claims of massive fraud. Last weekend, DDT accused the FBI and DOJ of being “involved” in the election fraud. Barr is trying to mollify DDT with his announcement he had appointed Durham as special counsel on October 19, six weeks ago, to examine the FBI investigation of DDT’s campaign, starting in 2016. The appointment could be illegal because the DOJ requires any special counsel come from outside the U.S. government. Durham is a sitting U.S. attorney for Connecticut. Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), chair of the Judiciary Committee, has asked Barr for an explanation. Barr said he is permitted to circumvent the rules.

From Biden’s Sanity to DDT’s Crazy | Nel’s New Day