Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Filed Lawsuit Around PCR Tests, Lockdowns, Masks & Vaccines – YouTube


12 years ago a hastily developed and injected Swine flu vaccine caused massive negative side effects among children and the vaccine was withdrawn from the market. A single medical doctor in Germany was responsible for stopping this fearmongering and proved that the Swine Flu was just a mild flu, and did not justify the extreme measures taken.

What if history is repeating itself, and the vaccine companies are trying once again to repeat the Swine Flu saga, where they make billions with a hastily developed vaccine for a pathogen called Coronavirus?

This defamation lawsuit has been filed against the so called ‘fact checkers’ who were hired by social media corporations that squash and censor medical doctors and media outlets as well as other groups, who are saying that PCR tests are unreliable, especially at higher than 17 magnification rates.

These ‘fact checkers’ never seem to put out any proof or evidence that what medical doctors and other experts are wrong, and just delete the ‘news’, video or other truth based item.

This same lawsuit is also going to be used in many other countries soon.

PCR tests are not designed for diagnostic purposes and should not be used for diagnosing infections, especially not when PRC tests are done above 25 cycles, where these tests are highly unreliable. Anything beyond 35 cycles are completely useless, and have a 100 percent failure or false positive rate.

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