Exposing How the Far Right Recruits People | Informer – YouTube


“The youngest person we know and we’ve engaged with is nine years of age” We hear from an ex neo-nazi who was involved in far right organizations like the National Front, The British Nazi Party and Combat 18 for over 20 years. When faced with the choice between staying with his wife or staying with Combat 18, he chose Combat 18 because he believed he was a soldier fighting a war.

Now reformed, he speaks about how these racist groups would target vulnerable young men who were being bullied at school to join their ranks and release their anger and hate on other races.

70% of grooming now happens online with many children being recruited through video games which involve shooting people from different ethnicities.

Informer is a series where we hear the anonymized confessions and insights of people in positions of power on the inside of important institutions.

(2) Exposing How the Far Right Recruits People | Informer – YouTube