‘Killing Spree’: Theologian Calls Out Catholic Participation in Death Penalty Cases

n light of Brandon Bernard’s execution on Thursday night, a theologian is calling out the three-month “killing spree” overseen by Attorney General William Barr and the conservative Catholic members of the Supreme Court in the final months of the 2020 presidential campaign.

The authors noted that, prior to the Trump administration’s resumption of federal executions after a 17-year hiatus, only three people had been executed by the government in the last 50 years. Meanwhile, there have been nine executions carried out so far in 2020, and four are planned to take place before President-elect Joe Biden‘s inauguration in January.

“Barr launched the killing spree without hesitation, and when the Catholic justices intervened and vacated preemptively the stays of execution, they effected these killings,” Keenan and Montross wrote. “The active Catholic participation in this killing spree is remarkable, and of course, scandalous, especially in as much as they rush the nation to committing these actual executions.”

newsweek ‘Killing Spree’: Theologian Calls Out Catholic Participation in Death Penalty Cases