Mega-Dose Thiamine: Beyond Addressing “Deficiency”

I have since come to the conclusion that one does not need to be deficient (in the nutritional sense) to benefit from this type of therapy, because high-dose thiamine is not simply working by correcting nutritional deficiency.

Rather, thiamine is functioning as a metabolic stimulant to restore oxidative energy metabolism in cells that has been inhibited by factors unrelated to nutritional status.

Overwhelming toxicity and chronic oxidative stress have the capacity to inactivate thiamine-dependent enzymes involved in the generation of cellular energy, producing biochemical changes which are similar to clinical thiamine deficiency. This could basically be referred to as “functional” thiamine deficiency.

By saturating the cell, you can bypass the low affinity and restore enzyme function back to its normal state. Extremely high doses are often required to achieve this effect and this therapy must be maintained lifelong.

eonutrition. Mega-Dose Thiamine: Beyond Addressing “Deficiency”