Kelly Brogan, M.D. – Can Vaccines Alter a Child’s Health Trajectory? | GreenMedInfo

The same trends noted in the “Total Group” analysis were seen in the matched analysis, with vaccinated kids having more office visits for nearly all of the diseases studied as compared to the unvaccinated group.

As compared the the vaccinated group, the unvaccinated group had the greatest absolute decrease in risk for developing anemia (low hemoglobin), weight/eating disorders and respiratory infections. (no vaccines = significantly decreased risk for being diagnosed with anemia, weight/eating disorder and respiratory infections among many other conditions).

….the researchers found staggering differences from the cumulative number of offices for specific diseases between the two groups, with the vaccinated patients accumulating markedly more office visits for all of the diseases studied including allergic, infectious and neuro-developmental conditions. T

Can Vaccines Alter a Child’s Health Trajectory? | GreenMedInfo

In other words, the vaccinated group was sicker, suffered from more illnesses and had WORSE HEALTH than the unvaccinated group of children.