Stephen Miller: Trump Can Still Win With “Alternate” Electoral College Electors

Most election experts have noted that the scheme Miller discussed on Monday morning would not hold up under the current interpretation of U.S. law, nor under state laws where the “alternate” votes are happening.

“They have no authority if they’re just saying they’re self-appointed, and even if they were appointed by the legislature, it’s too late,” contested elections expert Ned Foley, law professor at Ohio State University, said in an interview with Vice. “You’d have to get some authority under state law beforehand for these electors to matter.”

None of the “alternate” groups of electors received such authority.

Truthout Stephen Miller: Trump Can Still Win With “Alternate” Electoral College Electors

But if the real intent is to continue raising money to fill Billionaire Trump coffers, with money that he can spend in any way that he wants to, then by all means, this is just the greatest most ‘perfect plan’ ever.

Any person or group can start an ‘alternate’ slate of electors. Living in a pretend reality that is based on denial, delusion and deception does not work, period.