TRANSCEND MEDIA SERVICE » Deception? Deception?

Deception happens on a societal level when false or misleading narratives are spun in such a way to become widely accepted as the truth.  In the US and many other capitalist societies our consciousness is constantly being manipulated by the ruling elites, also known as the ruling class, the super-rich, the big money interests—those relative few who control the vast majority of the earth’s resources.  Because they aim to keep their dirty work out of view, they assiduously avoid catchy labels.   We don’t even know most of their names, but they play a major role in who gets elected to political office, what consumer trends will take off in the near future, and how we make sense of challenging global phenomena.

To put the crisis into a broader perspective, Swiss Propaganda Research, with daily updates in multiple languages from March 14 to the present, provides links to insightful analyses from well-credentialed epidemiologists, physicians and infectious disease specialists who are not being featured in the corporate media.

While countless peoples’ livelihoods and businesses disintegrate, big pharma and the high-tech sector are booming while they aim to be viewed as our saviors in this crisis.  Multi-billionaire Bill Gates, a self-appointed, unelected, non-credentialed spokesperson for the COVID-19 pandemic, insists that the only solution is developing a vaccine and administering it to every person on the globe, generating astronomical profits to the manufacturer.  He alleges there’s no cure for COVID-19, when in fact the human immune system cures the vast majority of those infected (for free!).  Reputable public health experts who suggest promoting herd immunity among the majority of people while protecting the vulnerable as a more effective way to defeat the virus are ignored or ridiculed.

TRANSCEND MEDIA SERVICE » Deception? Deception?