Proud Boys Use YouTube to Urge Members to ‘Take Over’ Inauguration

In the last few years, the Proud Boys have been involved in one violent clash after another. The extremist far-right group with ties to white nationalism doesn’t just relish violence, it encourages it. And lately, Proud Boys leadership has been using a show on InfoWars alum Joe Biggs’ YouTube channel for recruiting, fundraising, promoting events, and urging violence up to and including revolution.

Biggs, a Proud Boys organizer, has been on YouTube for years; his channel, SSG Joe Biggs, has nearly 14,000 subscribers. In July, Biggs posted the first of a new show called The War Boys. Tarrio is a cohost. Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes has been a guest.

Glorifying violence is standard fare on The War Boys, which also features predictable hyper-masculine tropes like homophobia, anti-feminism, bragging about their physical prowess, etc. An entire episode is dedicated to fanboying Kenosha, Wisconsin shooter Kyle Rittenhouse. “The dudes trying to attack this kid fucked around and found out,” Tarrio says. They often mock liberals, especially anti-fascists, whom they claim are the real instigators of violence.

Proud Boys Use YouTube to Urge Members to ‘Take Over’ Inauguration

Their plan is to attend the inauguration and ‘take over’.

Good luck with that one… lol.