EMERGENCY UPDATE: Military movements, possible martial law in DAYS? 12/10/20 – YouTube


(2) 🔴 EMERGENCY UPDATE: Military movements, possible martial law in DAYS? confirmation? 12/10/20 – YouTube

Right wing media pundits getting together and predicting martial law will be declared potentially within days, but certainly by first days of January.

Of course, they have no problem with this, despite this meaning that Trump would be acting as a dictator, and taking absolute power, just like Hitler during his run up to WWII.

They have been threatening to arrest and deport anyone opposed to Trump for months. They have a plan to load all Democrat politicians and those opposed on barges, and take them to Guantanamo, where military tribunals would dispatch them quickly with the death penalty, due to anyone opposed to Trump being a ‘traitor’..

At 31 minutes in, they discuss how to kill large numbers of the ‘enemy’, meaning other US citizens, by taking them out at long range with sniper rifles and hiding in various ways, so that they cannot be found or traced.

Their assumption is that Trump will stay in power, no matter what. The five walls that are newly built, and loyal pro Trump military will protect Trump around the White House, so he will be untouchable, after he declares martial law.