Why Are So Many Hospital Health Care Front Line Workers So Afraid Of The Vaccine? – YouTube


Across the country hospital administrators are facing unexpected push-back from employees on the issue of the covid vaccine. More and more are refusing to take it, with at least one hospital CEO mentioning “mistrust” and fear. Why?

Also today, poor Dr. Birx has had her feelings hurt over her family Thanksgiving trip. (She got caught spending the holiday with extended family at her 3rd home, after telling everyone else to not get together for the holidays. These ‘authorities’ seem to tell everyone else to do one thing but then do the opposite of that themselves.)

US has record deaths in 2020? San Francisco’s record overdose fatalities exceed those from COVID-19.

AGR: First of all, any person who has had COVID-19 has ‘natural’ immunity and does not need the vaccine. But the pro vaccine authorities make no distinction in this regard, and want EVERYONE to get the vaccines, no matter what. They want to promote the belief that natural immunity has no role, and that only vaccines grant immunity, when the opposite is true.

(3) Why Are Hospital Workers So Afraid Of The Vaccine? – YouTube

They have announced that no one should be getting the vaccine who carries around an epipen, or who has a history of allergic reactions to any other vaccine.

If these vaccines are so safe and effective, why is everyone involved with them getting blanket immunity from all lawsuits, for any reason, including harm or death?

Why is there ZERO informed consent around these vaccines? Where is the white paper or insert that normally comes with all vaccines?