Naturopathy Vs. Allopathy & Homeopathy: The Startling Difference

Allopathic treatment usually looks at the symptoms of the bodily discomforts or diseases that have developed. The treatment here comprises of strong radiation, chemical drugs, psychiatry, surgery as well as strong chemical drugs. Usually, it is mostly about treating the symptom now and not looking much into the future. On the other hand the leading naturopathy centres in Mumbai with their trained and expert naturopaths take a different approach. Here prevention is the main aim. Furthermore, naturopaths try and delve in to locate the main cause of the disease and help to eliminate them through detoxification as well as maintaining apt food balance. Naturopathy puts forward the proper use of herbs, natural foods and supplements for healing the underlying cause of the disease as well as the disease. There are no toxic side effects involved here.

Often people are of the thinking that homeopathy and naturopathy are the same! But it’s not the case. Homeopathy is a science based medicine system that branched out of the orthodox medicine back in 18th century. It aims in providing a medicine that matches with the patient’s discomfort or symptom. The distinctive aspect about homeopathy is that it’s specialized set of medicines. However, Naturopathy is a much wider subject and considers the patient’s psychological and physiological factors as well.

Naturopathy Vs. Allopathy & Homeopathy: The Startling Difference – Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat