Georgia Closes Black Polling Stations – Greg Palast

[Cobb County, Georgia] “They didn’t cut one White polling site!”

“All the polling sites they cut were in Black and Brown neighborhoods,” said Arnwine, Founder of the Transformative Justice Coalition, who relocated to Atlanta for the US Senate run-offs. She expressed concern that Georgia leads the nation in new, sophisticated Jim Crow vote manipulation tactics.

They’re at it again, says Arnwine. “They cut from eleven voting places during the General Election, down to five for the runoff, knowing — knowing — that during the General Election they had three hour lines with eleven places.”

Georgia law, the ACLU wrote to the Georgia state officials, does not allow for closing polling stations after November 5. Local officials, unavailable to speak to us, have told media that they did not have enough poll workers to follow the law, though voting rights groups have offered to fill the gap.

Georgia Closes Black Polling Stations – Greg Palast

Stealing the election, by closing polling stations and purging mostly black voters from the voter rolls.

Tried and true method that works very well with gerrymandering and propaganda.