UN Experts: Trump Violated International Law in Pardoning Blackwater Mercenaries

The pardoning of four Blackwater mercenaries by President Donald Trump earlier this month was an action that violated international law, a group of experts at the United Nations (UN) said on Wednesday.

Those contractors were convicted for opening fire on a crowd and killing a number of individuals in 2007 in what has become known as the Nisour Square Massacre in Baghdad, Iraq. Seventeen unarmed Iraqi citizens were killed in total.

“When one man tried to run, they shot him,” Kinani said in a Democracy Now! interview from 2010. “He dropped dead on the spot. He was on the ground bleeding, and they were shooting nonstop. They shot like they were trying to kill everyone they could see.”

….the pardons are in violation of “U.S. obligations under international law,” and will “undermine humanitarian law and human rights at a global level,” Aparac said.

Truthout UN Experts: Trump Violated International Law in Pardoning Blackwater Mercenaries

The ‘law and order’ president proves he does not care one whit about law and order.