Tesla Just Zipped Past $700 Billion In Market Value

Here in the U.S., many of us run into common FUD — fear, uncertainty, and doubt — about electric vehicles that is marketed to our friends, families, loved ones, colleagues, and neighbors on a daily basis. Some think that EVs don’t have range or are too expensive. Or that it’s just a phase. It can be pretty daunting to see how resistant people are here to change or to the idea of changing for the better.

Also, one problem we have in the US that blocks Tesla stores from filling up with potential buyers is several states are anti-Tesla and block sales there. This mostly due to the fact that dealerships are threatened by Tesla and they often lobby lawmakers to block Tesla from selling in their communities. They are also a source of much FUD about Tesla and about electric cars in general. China appears to have less of a problem with that.

As Tesla continues to set 2021 on fire, people will continue to fall in love with Tesla, with the idea of owning an EV, and with the newfound sustainable lifestyle which isn’t that hard to live. What does that mean for the Tesla [TSLA] stock? We’ll see. One thing to remember for now, though, is that a clean energy company focused on sustainability is the world’s most valuable automakers and one of its most valuable companies overall. That just required a bit of dedication, commitment, and hope in connection with Tesla’s noble mission.

cleantechnica Tesla Just Zipped Past $700 Billion In Market Value