Were Pro-Trump Mobs Storming the Capitol on Jan. 6 Actually Antifa?

In general, QAnon believes Trump is in the middle of a biblical war against a “deep state,” satanic cabal of baby-eating, child sex-traffickers led by prominent members of the Democratic party, entertainers who espouse liberal opinions, anybody who mentions “pizza,” and authoritative sources who relay credible information that may cast a negative light on the president. Proponents of this theory believe that one day soon the “storm” will come and Trump, with the help of an anonymous high-ranking military official known as “Q,” will round up members of the deep state, arrest them, and possibly have them executed.

Based on the fact that the sources of this rumor are unreliable, and the fact that Trump urged his supporters to do exactly what they’re doing now, and that an extremist group known for provoking violence stated that it had planned to dress in black to “blend in,” we rate this rumor “False.”

The FBI said during a Jan. 8, 2021, news conference that there was “no indication” that anyone from the antifa movement was involved in the attack.

Snopes Were Pro-Trump Mobs Storming the Capitol on Jan. 6 Actually Antifa?