Camp Auschwitz hoodie wearing neo-Nazi thug identified

The thug wearing the Camp Auschwitz hoodie has been identified as one Robert Keith Packer of Virginia. In a day full of infamy, this one stood out in its loathsomeness. A symbol of a very dark period of time in our world’s history; a name synonymous with the virulent anti-Semitism of the Nazis and the murder of millions of Jews.

He had plenty of other Holocaust denying Neo-Nazis thugs in the mob that broke into the Capitol, including Tim Gionet aka Baked Alaska, a well known promoter of anti-Semitic conspiracies. 

Looks like he has something in common with the other insurrectionists identified and arrested. A criminal record. Trump really sends his best people.

Daily Kos Camp Auschwitz hoodie wearing neo-Nazi thug identified