Meet the billionaires bankrolling Trump’s 2020 campaign

Still, Forbes reports that Trump’s campaign accepted donations from 90 billionaires during the current election cycle. While the president has added a few additional members of the three comma club to his donor roster, including West Virginia Governor Jim Justice, many of the president’s billionaire backers donated in 2016, as well.

For some of Trump’s donors, financially supporting the president came at a cost. Shoppers boycotted Home Depot after one of its cofounders pledged to donate a portion of his net worth to the president’s reelection efforts in July. Fitness chains Equinox, SoulCycle, and Blink Fitness faced similar fates in August after news broke that Stephen Ross, the chairman of their parent company, planned to host a fundraiser for Trump.

MSN Meet the billionaires bankrolling Trump’s 2020 campaign

Paying to play is what the mob does in Russia. You can buy anything you want in Russia, if you have the money, including politicians.

The US has mob politics just like Russia. Just about all politicians are for sale, in a mob controlled environment. Buy whatever law or entitlement you want, including invading the Capitol, and taking over the entire USA.