Trump campaign used shell companies to provide funds and support for Jan. 6 pre-insurgency rally

At last count, Donald Trump is the 100% owner of over 500 companies. Most of these companies exist just to move money between accounts, minimizing Trump’s taxes and maximizing the confusion for anyone trying to make any sense out of his finances. It now appears that Trump took this expertise to his campaign, where a number of campaign aides helped to shuffle dark money from shell companies right into the supposedly independent organizations that organized events leading up to the Jan. 6 insurgency.

Now has provided a more detailed look at the web of dark money and shell companies that Trump used to fund his “wild” event while pretending it wasn’t his campaign behind the event.

As just one example, Justin Caporale was the Trump’s campaign’s advance director up until November 2020. Then he partnered with another former member of Trump’s campaign staff to create a firm called Event Strategies Inc. That firm was then paid over $1.7 million that came either directly from Trump’s campaign or from post-election fundraising. That wasn’t all: The dark money group America First Policies kicked another $2.1 million to both Event Strategies and the “nonprofit” Women for America First.

Even that is just a fraction of the different organizations, shell companies, and PACs created to allow the Trump campaign to operate indirectly, and to funnel campaign funds to activities that aren’t allowed under FEC regulations. 

Daily Kos Trump campaign used shell companies to provide funds and support for Jan. 6 pre-insurgency rally