New book claims Donald Trump has been a KGB stooge for 40 years

Beautiful friendships often have small beginnings and it was a trip by Donald Trump to a New York discount electrical shop to buy televisions more than 40 years ago that laid the seeds of the most shocking relationship of his career. That relationship was with the Kremlin and eventually with Vladimir Putin, a man who — as Russian President — Trump repeatedly went out of his way to please.

These are the bombshell claims in investigative reporter Craig Unger’s new book that alleges the KGB began grooming a young and malleable Trump at least four decades ago, repeatedly saving him from financial ruin.

There was a quid pro quo for ‘arguably the most successful intelligence operation in history’ — President Trump became, intentionally or unwittingly, everything Putin wanted.

In American Kompromat: How The KGB Cultivated Donald Trump, And Related Tales Of Sex, Greed, Power, And Treachery, Unger also claims that the future U.S. president established tawdry links with the Putin camp through his 15-year friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.

DAILYMAIL New book claims Donald Trump has been a KGB stooge for 40 years