China’s EV Infrastructure Massively Outclasses EV Charging Coverage In USA

Being the #1 wealthiest country, it’s embarrassing that the #2 country would have such good EV charging coverage while there are many populated and frequently traveled parts of the US that most EVs couldn’t get to. We really should be a lot further along in our infrastructure.

There are probably two reasons for the US being so far behind. First, we haven’t experienced the kind of disastrous pollution that China experienced 10-15 years ago for 40-50 years, making the adoption of EVs not seem like such an urgent thing. Also, we have a pretty heavily entrenched oil industry that has a lot of political influence. Despite all of the problems with fossil fuels, we still heavily subsidize it, for example.

The excuse I’ve seen is that there aren’t that many EVs, but that’s a Catch-22. People don’t want to buy EVs that couldn’t make the occasional road trip without infrastructure, so they didn’t buy them, and for that reason the infrastructure isn’t built. The cycle has to be broken. Building more infrastructure is what it takes to get people to buy the EVs that would use it.

We only need to remove the impediments. Free market solutions, like ending fossil fuel subsidies, would do a lot of that. Tax breaks for EV charging stations would be another way to help without forcing anyone.

cleantechnica China’s EV Infrastructure Massively Outclasses EV Charging Coverage In USA