How the nuclear industry will try to avoid decommissioning costs


They want to renew reactor licenses.  It’s not just for their immediate survival –   it’s also to take attention away from the astronomic costs of decommissioning nuclear reactors, and to avoid those cosrs during their lifetime (the lifetime of the companies, not the reactors).

Nuclear has another friend in Biden, but changes at the NRC could mean more scrutiny ahead, Utility Dive . 1 Feb 21,  Matthew Bandyk ”’……………Subsequent license renewal

A top priority of the nuclear industry continues to be extending the lifetime of existing nuclear plants, a necessary step to maintain nuclear power’s position as a major source of electricity generation. Many reactors have retired for economic reasons, with several more expected to close in 2021, and the construction of new reactors to replace them remains a herculean task.

Over the past several years the NRC started accepting applications from nuclear plants to remain open for 80…

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