New Exhibition to Challenge Frog March to Geological Disposal of Radioactive Wastes.

‘Drink Me” coasters from our 2008 – 2013 campaign which saw Cumbria County Council veto the “Managing Radioactive Wastes Safely” “Steps Towards Geological Disposal”. Now there is a new plan – less steps more frogmarch!

Radiation Free Lakeland have launched a new website and campaign “Lakes Against Nuclear Dump (LAND)” which features a virtual exhibition exploring the new plan for a Geological Disposal Facility for Radioactive Wastes. The exhibition through multi media explores the history of the push to find the mythical Holy Grail of the Final Solution for Low Level, Intermediate and Heat Generating Nuclear Wastes in the Safest Place on Earth.

Unlike the Virtual Exhibition by Radioactive Waste Management on behalf of the “Working Groups” who have been persuaded to once again show an “interest” in a GDF, this Exhibition includes factual information about Cumbria County Council’s refusal to host a Rock Characterisation Facility and the ensuing 1997…

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