The Check is in the Mail – Insider NJ

Everything has been upended and remains suspended in mid-air. As the weeks have dragged into months and the tick tock of time has dragged on and delivered us to a bleak and still uncertain place from which we must somehow still plan, looking to an uncertain spring.

“Once you’ve signaled that rent is no longer a priority, and it can be deferred interest-free, we will start to see a further erosion in rent collections,” Kikis told NJ Spotlight. “That will trigger all the consequences we fear. Landlords who can’t pay their mortgage, property taxes that don’t get paid, declining valuations of the property for property-tax purposes.”

The Check is in the Mail – Insider NJ

We are living in ‘extend and pretend’ era of a collapsing predatory capitalism. It is coming apart at the seams but there is resistance to the collapse of this 1 percent top down, billionaire controlled system.