Bioweaponized COVID Vaccines – Centre for Research on Globalization

Earlier, biological warfare was waged on Native Americans by use of smallpox infected blankets.

Throughout US history, dirty wars at home and abroad included use of banned weapons.

Days earlier, noted spinal surgeon/former Association of American Physicians and Surgeons president Dr. Lee Merritt called covid vaccines “weaponized medicine,” adding:

These experimental vaccines are “biologically manipulated bioweapon(s).”

What’s injected alters the human genetic code, transforming vaxxed individuals into genetically modified organisms.

Bioweaponized COVID Vaccines – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

The law of karma is working out the grapes of wrath on an unsuspecting public, which thinks that militarism, predatory capitalism, and racism is perfectly fine, especially when it is expressed through never ending illegal wars both here and overseas.

Now the war has come home to roost inside of the hen house. The enemy has come in through the main gate, and now sits in the highest seat, pretending to have all glory and honor, when none was given, and none was awarded.