EVgo Adding 400+ Tesla Connectors At Its EV Fast Charging Stations

EVgo is expanding its offering for Tesla drivers to help them charge at more EVgo stations across the nation. The company is upgrading hundreds of its charging stations with integrated Tesla connectors which will further its reach as the only EV charging platform that is both 100% renewable electricity powered and capable of charging all three fast-charging standards. These standards are CHAdeMO, SAE Combo or CCS, and Tesla’s — and it will do this without the need for a separate adaptor.

The new integrated Tesla connectors in EVgo’s charging stations are capable of providing 100 miles of charge in 30 minutes, and the pool of EV drivers and vehicles is expected to increase to more than 7 million by 2027. EVgo noted that its network will continue to expand. This is just the beginning.

EVgo Adding 400+ Tesla Connectors At Its EV Fast Charging Stations