Texas Rolling Blackouts Are Due To Economics, Not Renewables

According to the Canadian government, wind turbines installed in Canada often have “cold weather packages” installed. Heating, water-resistant coatings, and other mitigation measures can be installed on turbines expected to frequently operate in freezing temperatures with moisture to keep the blades turning and keep the power going in temperatures as low as -30 Celsius. Just as in the States, conditions can vary across Canada, with some places experiencing much worse winter weather than others, so how much turbine operators spend on these measures need to be tailored to fit the installation location.

Renewable energy is a viable option in nearly all climates as long as you plan for the unique challenges you’re likely to face. When things go wrong like they did in Texas in the last few days, it’s economics and not renewables that are to blame.

cleantechnica Texas Rolling Blackouts Are Due To Economics, Not Renewables