Expert’s Expert on What Caused Texas Catastrophe

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Zeke Hausfather is known as the energy expert’s expert.
I interviewed him in San Francisco in 2019, and he spoke about wind energy and Texas.

Zeke Hausfather on Twitter:

There has been a lot of confusion over the drivers of the Texas blackouts. While more will become clear in the coming days, neither renewables nor insufficient gas capacity were the culprits. Rather, it was the lack of resiliency of to extreme cold conditions.

Texas has seen an explosion of cheap wind power in recent years. Wind now produces around 20% of Texas’ electricity. However, at the same time Texas has also been building a lot of gas capacity; gas generally works well with wind, able to quickly ramp up to fill in gaps.

Because it is intermittent, the grid manager @ERCOT_ISO does not rely much on wind to meet extreme demand events such as the one we are experiencing right…

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