LET MY PEOPLE GO! It’s Time to Retire Two-Party Politics

The Old Testament Book of Exodus describes how Moses
and Aaron went in to see Pharaoh and, speaking on behalf of
the Jewish God of Israel, instructed Pharaoh to release the
Jewish people from bondage where they lacked the ability to
influence their own futures. They were born as slaves, held as
slaves, and would die as slaves. After ten noteworthy plagues,
Pharaoh relented and permitted Moses’ people to “go.” When
will we, the ensnared people of the United States, similarly
be freed from the combined shared political monopolistic
tyranny of the Republican and Democratic parties that have
failed us so abysmally in running our country?

In watching Trump’s second Impeachment “trial” I was
saddened and disappointed by the outcome which has left that
him free to extract the treasures afforded to an ex-President
for himself and his associates, given him the opportunity to
keep all his ill-gotten gains, and provided him the opportunity
to haunt our democracy again in the future. Or worse yet,
serve as an example of what one can get away with when
politics becomes paramount to justice and reason.

That McConnell chose to acquit (and lead 44 other
Republican Senators in taking this vote) is incredibly
revealing. McConnell agreed with everything alleged against
Trump including: the “Big Lie” that the election was stolen;
the constant “cheering on” to the most violent and despicable
members of right-wing, anti-Semitic, white nationalist
paramilitary units; the incitement by Trump and Giuliani for
the mob to “fight hard” in “hand to hand combat”; and that
Trump effectively launched the mob against the Capitol.
McConnell concluded that Trump did in fact lead a coup
against the United States government, while he was still
president, to overturn the valid election he lost by seven
million votes and have himself installed permanently in

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