Group calls for Ban on Phthalates

Chemical Free Life

A paper published by Project TENDR (Targeting Environmental Neuro-Development Risks), a group of volunteer scientists, health professionals and child advocates working to study and reduce children’s exposure to neurotoxic chemicals and pollutants, calls for a ban on phthalate chemicals commonly found in personal care and home care products.  (source)  Recent studies have demonstrated a link between phthalate* chemicals and a variety of serious health conditions,** including adverse effects to babies’ brains when pregnant mothers are exposed to the chemical.***

“Once the baby’s developing brain is impacted by the [phthalate] chemical in utero, the damage has been done.”

-Dr. David Bellinger, professor of neurology and psychology, Boston Children’s Hospital 

What are the authors asking for?  According to the paper:  “We strongly urge both federal and state agencies to move rapidly to eliminate phthalate use,” adding that “states should not wait for the federal government to act, as…

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