Vaccine Safety Fraud

Even though the very complicated immune system is being screwed around with by the vaccine industry, the safety testing for vaccines is often for a very short duration, as if complications could not happen in the future from vaccine administration. For example, the HepB vaccine says right on the vaccine package insert that subjects were monitored for only 4 days post-administration AND there is no placebo control group. Another example:  the MMR vaccine has been found to be able to cause chronic arthritis, and you can petition the VICP/vaccine court to receive compensation for this, as it is listed on the Vaccine Injury Table. However, there is a time limit on how far past the date of administration that your child must have begun experiencing symptoms of chronic arthritis, in order to be compensated. That limit is 42 days. Why? Because MMR-vaccine recipients were only monitored for 42 days in clinical trials.

Safety studies with no true inert saline placebos

The gold standard in DRUG safety testing is to use a double blind placebo control study, which means that 1) the doctor nor patient knows which product is the drug and which product is the placebo (that’s the “double-blind”), and 2) a placebo (in drug testing) is an inert nontoxic substance like a sugar pill, or saline solution (salt water). That is how DRUGS are tested. HOWEVER, when it comes to vaccine “safety” testing, this is not the case. Rather, in virtually all instances, the exact same ingredients found in a vaccine are used as the placebo, minus the antigen, and then injected into the “control” group. So when both the control group and the test group have the same reactions (however damning those reactions are), the vaccine maker can say that the vaccines are “safe” because the severe reactions and injuries were relatively similar in both groups. Does this sound like fraud to you?

Watch Del Bigtree’s interview of an ex-Merck scientist give his view on vaccine “safety” testing:

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