Yes, They Are Fascists.

The photo above is the stage at CPAC. It was pointed out on Twitter here.

It’s patterned to be almost identical to the Odal Rune, a rune used by the Nazi SS in it’s core iconography. This rune has been used by Neo Nazi and white supremacist organizations for decades. 

We have to recognize, and really grapple with the fact that Conservatism is Nazism. This stage is no accident. The design is intentional, as is all professional design. 

The noose on the capital lawn, put there by neo Nazi insurrectionists, was no idle threat. The Republican party is the political wing for this fascist, murderous movement. This stage is saying loud and clear to Neo Nazis and other such monsters that Conservatism is theirs, now. 

This isn’t new information, but it’s never been so brazen. There are countless pictures of Republican officials like Lindsay Graham and others flashing white-power hand signs alongside violent fascists like the Proud Boys and others. The Oathkeepers are an armed, trained, and well-connected militant wing of this Nazi movement. 

Daily Kos Yes, They Are Fascists.