Nissan looks for ways to use long-lasting EV batteries

Leaf electric car will outlast the vehicle by 10-12 years, said Francisco Carranza, managing director of Renault-Nissan Energy Services.

Based on the average life of a car at 10 years, Carranza put the battery life at 22 years. “We are going to have to recover those batteries,” Carranza told the Automotive News Europe Congress here on Wednesday.

Nissan is trialing ways that its electric cars can be used to balance supply and demand at peak times by storing energy and then returning it to the grid during times the car is not being used. A pilot project in Denmark run with Italian energy company Enel showed owners could earn up to 1,300 euros ($1,454) by this method, Nissan said.

autonews Nissan looks for ways to use long-lasting EV batteries