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I believe that every single vaccine causes harm – to a greater or lesser degree, seen or unseen. The very mechanism of action required to create antibodies is a dangerous process in and of itself. Aggressively over-stimulating the humoral immune system is bound to cause problems – seen or unseen. What’s interesting is that many of the common childhood ailments in the vaccinated population are also listed as side effects on vaccine manufacturer package inserts, yet doctors don’t make the connection, even with it plainly stated for them.

From the HHS funded study on VAERS, we know that the vast majority of medical professionals are unaware of vaccine adverse events when they occur and do not consider the fact that new health issues may be linked to vaccines that were received days, weeks or even months earlier (which is a real possibility, with autoimmune conditions like arthritis, etc.). Even on the Vaccine Injury Table for the VICP, it is stated that individuals can develop chronic arthritis post-MMR vaccine 42 days later.

Well over 99% of vaccine adverse events are not captured by the VAERS system. While automated reporting to VAERS is possible, the CDC has chosen to not implement an automated reporting system of vaccine injury.

Here is a study on “simultaneous SIDS” where previously healthy twins both suddenly died two days post-vaccination, shattering the “coincidence” argument.

Autopsies DO NOT assess for toxicity or damage from vaccination. No standard protocol exists to check for vaccine injury upon the sudden death of a child who recently received vaccines. VICP compensated SIDS case describing the mechanism by which vaccines caused sudden death.

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