More Evidence Lockdowns Didn’t Reduce COVID Deaths | GreenMedInfo

The locking down of healthy people in their homes in order to prevent the spread of disease is an unprecedented public health move that has devastating effects on the economy and set a dangerous precedent for freedom and human rights.

If the lockdowns saved millions of lives, perhaps they could be justified, but if not they’re easily — as Stanford professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Ph.D., put it — the “biggest public health mistake we’ve ever made.”[i] Increasingly, research is confirming that lockdowns, in fact, were worthless in terms of reducing deaths from COVID-19 while at the same time are guilty of causing “catastrophic” harm to the public.[ii]

Put another way, in about 98% of the comparisons, there was “no evidence that the number of deaths/million is reduced by staying at home.” The findings were backed up by real-world examples taking place at the time. For instance:[x]

More Evidence Lockdowns Didn’t Reduce COVID Deaths | GreenMedInfo