Tesla: Volkswagen could soon steal the electric car crown – CNN

Volkswagen, which owns Porsche, Audi, Skoda and SEAT, sold 231,600 battery electric vehicles in 2020. That’s less than half the number of sales Tesla made, but it represents an increase of 214% on the previous year. Rapid growth is expected to continue as Volkswagen launches 70 electric vehicles before the end of the decade. It will operate eight electric vehicle plants by 2022, producing models in nearly every segment — from small cars to SUVs and luxury sedans.

The global race to electric car market domination will come down to the Californian upstart and the German industrial giant, according to UBS. It predicts that Volkswagen will exceed its own goal by producing 2.6 million electric vehicles in 2025, followed by Tesla with 2.3 million. Toyota, which sold more cars than anyone else last year, ranks a distant third with 1.5 million electric sales (excluding hybrids). Hyundai Motor Group (HYMTF) and Nissan (NSANF) will churn out roughly 1 million vehicles, followed by General Motors with 800,000.

Tesla: Volkswagen could soon steal the electric car crown – CNN