Boiling the bioethical frog | The Covid Physician | The Critic Magazine

There are myriad mechanisms related to vaccine-induced, and natural infection-induced reactions that could adversely impact vaccine effectiveness and safety such as viral interference, pathogenic priming, antibody dependent enhancement, anaphylaxis, adjuvant toxicity, and chronic autoimmune disease, etc. So concerned are the MHRA about the Covid vaccine’s “expected high volume of Covid-19 vaccine Adverse Drug Reaction (ADRs)” it has commissioned a 1.5 million pounds AI software tool to process them.

There’s more to the rotavirus Rotashield vaccine. It (along with Pandemrix) is mired in controversy since 2013 when the WHO indulged in a systematic reclassification of Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFI) such as narcolepsy and intussusception to effectively cover them up.

Drs. Wodarg and Yeadon make an important point on page five of their petition concerning the risk of infertility with the Covid vaccines that remains to be investigated. One of the spike protein components of this coronavirus has a resemblance to a protein (Syncytin-1) relied upon by the placenta for its proper development. This is for the fascinating reason that Syncytin-1 is part of the humankind’s genomic inheritance from ancient viruses known as Human Endogenous Retroviruses (HERV). If one vaccinates against this spike protein component, how may we be sure it doesn’t attack human placenta and lead to vaccination against fertility? In Hancock’s misplaced desperation to meet a performance outcome and tick a box on his Excel spreadsheet, with no animal trial for this complication who can say what will happen until he criminally mass vaccinates everyone, including children who have no risk of fatality, but every risk of future infertility?

The principle of informed consent occupies an essential position in the following international codes: Nuremberg Code (1947) and Declaration of Helsinki (1964). The UDBHR (2005) is an evolution from those.

Boiling the bioethical frog | The Covid Physician | The Critic Magazine