Disturbing Findings: Mystery Industrial Chemicals Discovered in Humans – Chemical Free Life

More disturbing and shocking news from a country whose top regulating agencies* consistently fail to assure safety testing before industrial chemicals are unleashed in the public’s food, personal care and home care products:  Scientists have just detected 109 chemicals in a study of pregnant women, including 55 chemicals never before reported in people** and 42 “mystery chemicals,” whose sources and uses are unknown. The chemicals most likely come from consumer products or other industrial sources. They were found both in the blood of pregnant women, as well as their newborn children, suggesting they are traveling through the mother’s placenta.

The 109 chemicals researchers found in the blood samples from pregnant women and their newborns are found in many different types of products. For example, 40 are used as plasticizers (think “Phthalates”, “BPA”, “BPS” and so on), 28 in cosmetics, 25 in consumer products, 29 as pharmaceuticals, 23 as pesticides, 3 as flame retardants, and 7 are PFAS compounds, which are used in carpeting, upholstery, waterproof and stain-proof clothing, carpets and other products, nonstick cookware and utensils, and other applications. The researchers say it’s possible there are also other uses for all of these chemicals.

The researchers report that 55 of the 109 chemicals they tentatively identified appear not to have been previously reported in people: