CES 2020: Use Your Car as a GIANT BATTERY and EARN MONEY! – YouTube


As more and more electric cars offer battery packs with capacities in excess of 60 kilowatt-hours (and ranges in excess of 240 miles per charge), the amount of useable battery pack capacity that you actually use on a daily-basis is pretty small. So what if you could put some of that not-used capacity to good use (and earn a bit of money) in the process? What if you could use your electric car as an emergency battery backup system, powering your home when the mains power fails? And what if you could use your electric car to store power generated from photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of your home, feeding it back to the power grid when electricity demand is higher than the available generation? That’s the idea behind vehicle to grid, a technology we’ve covered several times before on this channel. While V2G isn’t new — and pilot projects have existed for many years demonstrating the technology in practice, it’s not been super-easy to get V2G-compatible hardware for your home. At CES 2020 however, we got to check out the Wallbox Quasar, a new home charging station for your electric car that’s birectional and smart — and a fraction of the size and cost of the units which went before. Watch the video above, support us with the provided links, and leave your comments below — but remember to keep your comments civil!

(2) CES 2020: Use Your Car as a GIANT BATTERY and EARN MONEY! – YouTube