Opinion | It’s Time to Right This Historic Wrong and Make Washington, DC a State

There are over 700,000 people in America, right this moment, who have no senators to call when they need a voice on issues. But this week, the House will hold a hearing on H.R. 51, the bill that would right that wrong and make Washington D.C. the 51st state.

The hearing marks notable progress in the over 200 year-long fight for statehood. In that time, statehood has gone from being a fringe issue to having over 220 House and 40 Senate co-sponsors in this Congress. Thanks to the tireless work of 51 for 51 young advocates, nearly 20 former Democratic presidential candidates and leaders have endorsed passing D.C. statehood with a simple Senate majority—including President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

D.C. statehood affects everyone. If you are an American who strives to see a more representative Senate—a body that in its 232 years has only had 11 Black senators—then you care about forming the only state that would have a plurality of Black residents. If you care about racial justice, then you care about granting full voting rights to Black Americans. If you care about issues everyday Americans are facing, then you care about having two more votes in the Senate for civil rights, gun violence prevention, environmental justice, economic equity and more issues that

Common Dreams Opinion | It’s Time to Right This Historic Wrong and Make Washington, DC a State