England: 28/3/21 – At Least 20 Livestock Ships Caught in Suez Canal Logjam are ‘Biohazard Timebomb’, Charity Warns.

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WAV Comment: Well done ‘The Guardian’ (London) national press for keeping us so well informed on this issue. As usual and have we have seen with issues such as the capsize of the ‘Queen Hind’ in Midia (Ro); the jack arse Romanian government have nothing to say – just like their masters at the EU. Everyone in power keeping tight lipped about animal suffering as always. Today, 28/3; it would appear that there are now 20 livestock vessels having problems in relation to the Suez incident.

If this is not time to stop all live animal exports, then when is ?

Do politicians listen ? – Do they hell !

Regards Mark

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Suez Canal: Livestock ships caught in logjam pose ‘ticking biohazard timebomb’, charity warns | The Independent

Suez Canal: Livestock ships caught in logjam…

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